Sunday, 27 January 2013

Imagine a ...

"Imagine a dwarf cooking for you ?!"

Apologies for this rather "out of context" post... but I had to share. Gabi & I nearly wet ourselves today, we're watching the Comic Relief "Brittish bakeoff" and Warwick Davis is making an amazing sponge... and Poppy drops this doozie.

We love Willow, so I hope Warwick forgives us.

Friday, 31 December 2010

My baby...

My baby brother can wear pink shoes, to make him wink all the time!
We had a lovely scan-lay yesterday, her name shall remain anonymous, but she gleefully asked "do you want to know what it's going to be?" (which is not allowed in our hospital)... "go on then!"... she held back, "well, I won't tell you, but I'll find the area, and let you make up your own mind"..."oh! that'll be a boy then!"

Poppy seemed to think that all the pink clothes in the shows after the scan were quite fitting for her baby brother... We look forward to the day he pops out, and see how Poppy deals with this all...


well, that's the last "Phrase a day" from 2010! thanks to everyone who read, I hope you found some of them funny, inspirational and entertaining. I'll drop ones in, in 2011 but I'll be working on "tune a month" for my blog project of 2011...

Thursday, 30 December 2010

I've got horses...

I've got horses in my tummy!
We were at the 20 week scan today, all's well! Poppy seemed a little more interested than the last time (more detail?)... anyway, we celebrate by going to see Megamind in 3d, so it's a bit of a long day, and late home.. which gives us the chance to watch a little of "Eragon", whilst we eat our supper in front of the TV... Poppy then grabs my mouse and pretends to scan her own tummy, and we pretend that the pictures on the TV are the scan pictures! (my goodness! she's full of trees, witches, swords, rivers, dragons...)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Just shutup dad.
Even my relentless gobshite with Poppy has its limits. She's ill today, bad cough etc, so, she's blanketed up and slounging on the sofa, watching Mary Poppins. I start singing the songs in my faux cockney accent... it's a no go.

Ms Poppins is not impressed.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Get off Daddy...

Get off Daddy, I want to play the bloop bloops
I've broken out the old eKeys 49 to have a noodle and a sketch, getting ready for my attempt to "make a tune a month" for 2011... anyway, Poppy loves making music / sounds through the keyboard, and always loves seeing the old eKeys come out (I really should do it more often!)... mind you, I don't get much tuneage done when she's hogging the pooter!

PianoTrem by lepeep

Monday, 27 December 2010

can we have a ...

can we have a poo coming out of his bum?
Today we play with the plasticine Santa gave Poppy. She's picking out the animals and aliens on the box to make, and we tell her "you can make up your own things, you know!"... so I was told to make a bum. (not a tramp, I'll have you know)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Pull your Pod...

Pull your Pod Race face Poppy!
Poppy got the Star Wars "prequel" box set (pah). We're watching Ani (sp? or was he also a ginger orphan girl in a previous life, thanks to those pesky midichlorians?) Anyway... we're watching the pod race, and that wee "grimmace", so well acted is to die for. Oh, does Michael Schumacher keeps some spare tools in his cockpit incase something goes wrong with his engine? or did they only do that sort of thing a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away?